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Vox is at it again, this time with Private Label Cosmetics and Skin Care products.

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Why is it that Vox can help you in Skin Care and Cosmetic private labeling? Vox has over 10 years’ experience manufacturing, bottling and private labeling and selling nutritional product. Our customers have come to us over and over for 2 years asking if we can help them with their Skin Care lines. We took the same process that we use to have an average turnaround time of 72 hours and applied it to skin care. We have found the bestselling products and have them ready to bottle in our state of the art liquid and cream fill facility. We are starting out with 4 liquid fill lines. We have 5 products that can be put into over 20 different size, shape and colored bottles.

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Vox Skin Care / Vox Nutrition began as a retail company.  As with any fast growing company, we have dealt with the hindrance of long turnaround times, the difficulty of securing quality product and private labels. We understand the difficulty in expanding your growing company while keeping customers satisfied with 2 to 6-week turnaround times and depleting inventory. It became so frustrating we decided to move both our label printing and product labeling in-house to reduce turnaround times from suppliers, but found in most cases that even unlabeled products were taking up to two weeks.

That is when we decided we wanted to do something different than the rest of the market. We cut out the middle man and went straight to the lab and began to focus on fast turnaround times in the wholesale market. Since then we have had the ability to expand into our own manufacturing facility (Supplement and Skin Care). We were able to build a business structure with an average turnaround time of 72 hours. This is extremely difficult to get in the current market, especially with the added benefit of low minimums and competitive pricing. We pride ourselves in the fact that every day we do things for customers that very few companies, can or are able to do.

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